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Propolis Diamond

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Pack. & Delivery:6 ML = 1 Botol (1 Box isi 7 Botol)
Origin:New Zealand (Aotearoa)
Specification:Cheap Diamond Propolis
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Propolis is a natural product produced by bees: In nature, bees collect the sap from various plants, and then mixed with an enzyme found in the mouth so that the bees produce propolis.
For bee propolis immune function as substance bees nest and body from bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pollutan. Based on the results of research in various countries propolis works to help improve the immune system in humans.

Region of Origin
Based on a literature search of scientific and laboratory testing of various types of propolis, PT Permata Equatorial Bee Propolis decided that coming from New Zealand has high quality and quantity.
Meanwhile, to ensure the healing effects of propolis extracted from new zealand, the chosen propolis extract in liquid form with 20% .
And bee propolis PT Permata Equatorial options are marketed under the brand names Diamond Propolis propolis extracts with high content in every bottle. Sehingga layak disebut " diamond " propolis . Thus deserve to be called " diamond " propolis.

Security and halal
Health products marketed in the territory of Indonesia must obtain permission from the entity POM as food and drug regulatory agencies in Indonesia. And to obtain such permission propolis product must be tested first diamond laboratory designated POM body.
The laboratory test results indicate that Propolis Diamond d safe for consumption.
On the other hand Propolis Diamond halal products is also important to be conveyed to the user audience it aims to make people feel safe and protected from the things forbidden. Therefore tests have been conducted on propolis content of illicit material in the laboratory integrated diamond Bogor Agricultural University in April 2006 that the result is very encouraging that Propolis Diamond otherwise undetectable contain ingredients that are forbidden.
The materials contained in propolis is very complex, more than 200 components have been identified.
Broadly speaking propolis consists of:
* 50% balsam ( polyphenol fraction)
* 30% latex
* 10% of essential oils
* 5% pollen
* 5% organic & inorganic substances

High content of polyphenols in the bee propolis to function as:
* Anti-bacterial
* Anti virus
* Anti Fungal
* Anti-oxidants
* Anti-inflammatory
* Boost the immune system

Any disease that appears is actually an accumulation of damaged cells, while damaged cells is still a little sore symptoms is still not visible, but if these damaged cells to multiply, it will cause the body' s tissues and organs become damaged and can make you show symptoms of illness .

Propolis Diamond Helps:
* The process of rejuvenation ( regeneration) cells
* Maintaining and keeping stamina
* Improve immunity system

Including preventing and treating diseases as follows:
* Headache, migraine, hair loss, insomnia, stress due to work pressure
* Gray hair, dandruff, red eyes, eye infections, nose infections, sore throat and throat
* Ear infections, bleeding gums, tooth pain, brain tumors, stroke, neurological disorders and stuttering, sinusitis, cataracts, ear pus, epilepsy, and so forth.
* Rabies Fertility, poisoning, kidney stones, drug addiction and smoking, could hit venomous animals, rabies
* The urine is not smooth, shoulder tension, rheumatism, stiff, weak, tired and listless
* Gout, tuberculosis, lung disease, asthma, shortness of breath, tuberculosis ( a dry cough) , cough with phlegm, fever
* Heart problems, liver, digestive system, liver and spleen problems, colon, stomach, hemorrhoids, fibroids, constipation
* Sendi Pre-menstrual Syndrome ( PMS) , back pain, flu, cramps, nerve, blood pressure high / low, diabetes, cancer, joint
* Cholesterol, increase appetite, lupus, and so forth.
* Wrinkles, skin problems, wounds dry / peeling, freckles, chicken pox, water lice, boils, pimples black, eczema, skin fungus, ringworm, scabies, surgical wounds, burns, herpes, and so forth.

Dosage and Usage
Minimal effective dose
15 drops a day and divided into three times the drink and the treatment carried out for 20-30 days
Very well done when stomach empty
Case harm such as tetanus and scarlet fever:
60 drops a day and given for 1 week
Maintaining health
3 drops 2 times a day

General Principles and How to Use
Propolis Diamond is the nature of Natural Health Drink MEDICINE, below is a general rule before drinking Propolis Diamond
To drink:
1. Use room temperature water / warm water to dissolve Propolis Diamond
2. Avoid the use of container / equipment made of metal
3. Squirt Propolis Diamond as necessary and then stirred in a perfect
4. Be mixed with various types of drinks / juice
Can be combined with medication doctor 1 hour before or after
For outside the body:
Apply Propolis Diamond moderation on the part to be treated
To dripped into the eyes:
Dilute 1 drop of Propolis Diamond with 1-2 ml of water, then dripped on the eyes

Side Effects
Dr. Leonard Mc Kewan writes that during the 2500 years the use of propolis by various people from various cultures are not recorded a serious negative effect of propolis. Even doctors in Russia used to give 9 grams of propolis each day to patients without obstacles. The light effects are often felt by patients is the mouth and throat feel dry after eating propolis and skin that feels warm after topical propolis.

In some people may appear allergic to propolis, but far fewer in number than the number of people who are allergic to honey.
To find out if someone is allergic to propolis allergy testing can be performed.
Step-by-step allergy test is as follows:
1. Allergic skin test; begins by applying a liquid propolis on the skin of sensitive patients ( on the face or forearm) and then wait about 30 minutes. When applied on the skin itchy and red means the patient is allergic to propolis and propolis oiled leather advised immediately washed with soap and rinsed view using warm water.The patient is still able to use propolis only to drink a dose of 1 drop every other day. If there is no itching and red smeared on the skin allergy test then do the second.
2. Allergy testing in the mouth and throat: mix 2-3 drops of propolis on little water and gargle dikumur-mouth and drink, wait for 15 minutes.
If the mouth and throat itch means the patient is allergic to propolis are advised patients to drink plenty of warm water at least 500 ml.
The patient is still able to use propolis only to drink a dose of 1 drop every other day. But if the patient does not feel the itch in the mouth and esophagus means that the patient is safe and can be directly treated with propolis.
Net: 6 ml
IT POM: 064 621 021

Production: Mossop' s Honey New Zealand
Marketed by PT. Lebah Permata Khatulistiwa Indonesia
“ Bring a small bottle of Propolis Diamond is the same one brought drugs Pharmacies”

Choosing the Best Propolis
As we know from bee propolis is a product that helps prevent disease and even help overcome a variety of complaints disease. But if in the market there are various brands of propolis with diverse composition of propolis how to choose the best for our health.
This article tries to answer the questions above in the hope that can help consumers choose the best for his health propolis. This paper is prepared based on the level of the questions to ask consumers are offered various brands propolis.

Questions about the safety and halal products became apparent to the selection of the most basic product. In Indonesia the process is represented by the POM and the MUI. But it does not mean that every product that does not have a marketing authorization of the POM is not safe or that do not have the halal certificate MUI is not kosher.
Level of security questions and halal products is more based on whether the producer of propolis has accredited research data that propolis is marketed is safe and lawful. Data – data tersebut adalah : These data are:

1. The study does not contain pesticides and antibiotic compounds
. Propolis is marketed now largely taken from the type of cultivation of bees ( Apis mellifera) . Propolis bees taken from this type of large belong contaminated pesticides and antibiotics. Especially if it comes from the Americas ( North America and South America) , Europe, and Asia including Indonesia. Pesticides are often used by beekeepers to eradicate the pest 1) including; Apistan ® , fluvalinate, Amitraz and flumetrhin, The antibiotics are often used to overcome the disease 2) the bee colonies are; Terramycin ® , Tetracycline, streptomycin, and chloramphenicol. The use of pesticides and antibiotic residues will result in hazardous material in bee products including propolis. Therefore, it is the right of consumers to ask whether he purchased the product propolis has been free of pesticide and antibiotic residues such compounds. And the obligation for producers to ensure that propolis which has marketed free from pesticide and antibiotic residues. Based on the author' s experience as one of the products mendaftarakan propolis party POM agency only asked to analyze the content of one type of antibiotic alone.
2. The study does not contain pollutant compounds
Propolis is marketed today has undergone several stages in the production process from harvesting, selection, pengextrakan, mengemasan to process shipments to distributors. To ensure that the entire process is run safely and not leave contaminants such as heavy metals ( Hg, Pb, Cu, etc.) , bacteria, glass or other harmful elements so consumers can ask the manufacturer whether he bought and hold a propolis is free from harmful ingredients. We have pretty good POM check propolis are registered to be marketed from dangerous elements This, coupled with the necessity even been free from elements of narcotic and psychotropic medicinal chemicals.
3. The study did not contain the element of unlawful
In general, propolis and propolis treatment processes do not interfere with the elements that is forbidden unless added by manufacturers during the production process. But to guarantee the product to be purchased is kosher so consumers can ask whether the manufacturer has a kosher certificate or have a lab test results do not contain the element forbidden.

After the consumer to ensure that propolis offered by manufacturers are safe second stage selection process to determine the best propolis is to ask the manufacturer about the content of Flavonoids from propolis are marketed.
Color pigment flavonoids are compounds in plant parts that have a significant role for the immune system and treatment. In this compound propolis is collected by bees from plant parts such as flowers, stems, leaves, roots, fruits and others.
Number of flavonoid content in propolis will simply describe the quality of propolis offered by producers to consumers. Thus will be wrong when comparing high and low quality of propolis on the market only on propolisnya extract content only.
The determination of quality based on the content of propolis extract propolis propolis or has no internationally agreed standards. For example there is propolis liquid market brand X that lists 100% concentration of propolis extract. The mention of 100% of this extract does not mean that in the packaging of propolis Brand X is the content of 100% extract of propolis, propolis extract as 100% definite form sticky solids. The purpose of the mention of 100% extract of propolis is a manufacturer of conveying information that it sells propolis is the result of dissolving 1 part propolis extract into one part solvent. Now by the same method there is also a manufacturer that says that it sells propolis extract containing 50% propolis. Figures 50% propolis extract was explained that the manufacturer has been mixing one part of propolis extract into two parts solvent.
In the market also found a manufacturer that sells propolis extract containing 20% or 15% propolis extract propolis. What is meant by 20% this is 20 grams extract of propolis extract was dissolved into 100 ml of solvent. This means that in every ml of solution containing 20% propolis extract contained 200 mg of propolis extract propolis.
With the determination of the standard difference propolis, propolis a single cause can not be compared with the other propolis. On the other hand the efficacy of propolis is more determined by the content within each propolis Flavanoid marketed.
The content of this Flavanoid usually not mentioned by the manufacturer in writing on the packaging or brochures issued by the manufacturer. Therefore, for consumers who will choose the best propolis to be consumed can ask directly to the merchant or the manufacturer of propolis.

Once we know the content of propolis Flavanoid offered the following assessment stage is the question of how much anti-oxidant capacity of each propolis. The size of this antioxidant capacity determines the ability of propolis in the process of treatment and health care, besides being a reference for determining the dose of propolis. The greater anti-oxidant capacity of propolis is the better and more economical in its use.
One method of testing the antioxidant activity by DPPH method using 1.1-diphenyl-2-pikrilhidra-Zil ( DPPH) as free radicals. The principle is to capture the reaction of hydrogen by the DPPH antioxidant compounds and is expressed in units of ug / g AEAC ( Ascorbic acid Equivalent Antioxidant Capacity)
The value of the test results antioxidant capacity of propolis is able to describe the diversity of flavonoids contained in propolis are marketed.

The next question to know the quality of propolis is how long the value of the antioxidant capacity of propolis could survive. It is important for us to know as propolis with the user unit is not the product droplets to be spent in one package in a single use. But usually one package is used within a certain period of time.
In this case usually the manufacturer will only mention the mass of expiration only. But consumers can find out by asking the solvents used, such as what extraksinya method, and stored in containers like.
Extraksi method without the heating process, the use of opaque packaging is one guarantee for the stability of the antioxidant capacity of propolis that we consume.

Similarly, the exposure associated with the process of selecting the best propolis propolis users amid the many brands, and types of propolis on the market may be useful.

1) pests that attack bee colonies including; Varoa Mites, Mites tropilaelaps clareae, and wax moth ( wax moth)
2) Diseases that attack bee colonies are: bacteria ( such as American foulbrood / AFB and European foulbrood / EFB) , Mushroom ( among others Chalkbrood and Stone Brood) , viruses ( such as Sacbrood)

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